What would a world without theater look like to you? For me one thing is certain: the theater will always exist. People need stories and storytellers. I believe in the social responsibility of art and I believe that through theater we can open new gates of understanding between people. Our art helps us overcome obstacles, prejudices and become more aware of the power we have. Thus, as a Roma actor, I believe that the establishment of a Roma State Theater would mean a step forward in affirming cultural identity and the possibility of living in a more tolerant society.

Sar sikavelas andar tute jekh sundal bi teatrosqe? Andar mande me geanav vareso: o teatro avela savaxt. E manușa si len nevoja paramićendar thaj mothovendar. Pakiav and-i socialutni responsabilitéta e artaqi thaj pakiav ke mașkar e teatrosqe aștis te putaras neve udara e manușenqe halimata. Amari arta del amen vast te nakhas palal e pharimata, palal e anglegodisarimata thaj te aștisa te geanas ke seam maj zorale sar geanas. Kadja, me sar rom aktoro pakiav ke o biandimos e romano themutnes teatrosqe si jekh piro anglal e identitaqo kulturikano pringearipen thaj o aștipen te gives and-i jekh maj laćhi societéta.

Marcel Costea

 Marcel Costea started his career thirty years ago, at the Valah Theater, now known as the "Tudor Vianu" Theater in Giurgiu. Over the years he has been involved in social theater that tackle topics such as domestic violence, the right of the woman to make decisions about her own body or drug use among youth. He also worked on projects that aimed to encourage interest in the arts with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this respect he collaborated with several associations and independent theater companies: the Amphitheatrrom Cultural Association, the Transcena Association, the Theater Company Giuvlipen, the Arleking Company, the Ingenuo Company, and Attic Theater. From his cinematographic career we can note the films: "Nelly Adbenteur", "The Path of Birds" or "The Police are Coming".

O Marcel Costea lias te kerel buti palal treanda berșendar ka-o Valahi Teatro Tudor Vianu, andar o Giurgiu. E vahteste keldias and-el spektakoluria socialutne teatrosqe save denas duma palal e keresqo maripen, palal e giuvliaqo ćaćipen te avel pesqo kórpo vaj o drogurenqo halipen maașkar e ternenedar. Vov maj kerdias buti and-el projekturia so kamenas te bariaren e ćhavorrenqo kamipen vaș i arta, ćhave so aven andar el defavorizime mediuria. Andar kadaja buti vov kolabosardias e bute asoćientza thaj korkorutne kompanie: I Kulturikani Asićiatzia Amphitheatrrom, i Asoćiatzia Transcena, i Kompania vaș o teatro Giuvlipen, i Kompania Arleking, i Kompania Ingenuo, o Teatro andar i Mansarda. Andar lesqo ćinematografiaqi kariera nakhas e filmuria: ”Nelly adbenteur”, ”E ćiriklenqo drom” vaș ”Avel i șerali”.

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