Giuvlipen means feminism in the Romani language and is the first independent Roma feminist theater company in Romania. Our art is
Our art is challenging, experimental and highly performative. The themes of our performances are diverse, but they all have something
in common: we openly discuss topics that history, mentality and social or political constraints have often silenced. In each show, we
seek to reclaim the art, history and cultural identity of Roma, through stories told by us, Roma artists. Giuvlipen was established in
2014 by actresses Mihaela Dragan and Zita Moldovan.

„They are the vanguard of the Romani revolution, a counter-attack, through art and activism - to centuries of oppression.”
(Reuters Agency)

„Giuvlipen seeks, from its establishment, to tell stories about the lives of Roma women and to help strengthen their status inside and outside their communities. In re-centering subjectivities, which have heretofore rendered invisible, the potential for change that the artists intended to contribute to is fully exploited.”
(Laura Sandu - The Gazette of Political Art)

„Aesthetic and emotional pleasure is political, because it crosses the boundary between family and city, between the Roma community and the non-Roma community, between men and women, and above all, it goes beyond the color border.”
(Giovanni Picker – Discover Society)

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