What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actor? It surprises me and at the same time it is quite painful that in the film industry we, the Roma actors, are often distributed in stereotypical roles: that we are Romani speakers, that we know how to sing or that we look a certain way. And if we look at the theater world: there is the Hungarian Theater, the Jewish Theater or the German Theater ... why couldn't we have a Roma Theater too? In the absence of an institution to represent us, the Roma actors in the independent sector, we are in a difficult situation to manage the limited possibilities we have, such as the lack of funding. At this moment, more than ever, I think the most important thing is to find ways to demand our rights.

Sar sikavelas o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar rom aktoro? Dukhal man kana dikhav ke and-i ćinematografiaqi industria ame, e roma aktururia del amenqe butivar kana kelas e stereotipikane roluria: sotar das duma romanes, sostar geanas te gilabas vaj ke sikavas and-o vareso fialo. Thaj kana das duma vaș o teatro: kadja sar si o Maghiarikano Teatro, e Dasikano Teatro, E germanikano Teatro...sostar ame na daștis te aven amen jekh Romano Teatro? Kana na-i jekh institucia kaj te dikhel amen , ame e roma aktoruria kaj keras buti korkorutnes siam thovdine and-i jekh phai situacia te dikhas maj mișto amare aștimatendar saven ame sia amen, sar si ke na-i amen love te keras buti. Akana maj but sar orikana, pakiav ke so maj importanto si te arakhas o drom kaș te mangas amare ćaćimata.

Mădălin Mandin

Mădălin Mandin has been teaching improvisation theater for over twelve years for people who want to be as anchored as possible in the present and to act more than they currently do. He has always wanted to inspire children, encourage continued education, and fight school dropout together with UNICEF and other non-governmental agencies. In terms of professional experience, Mădălin graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest in 2008. In theater he currently collaborates with the Bucharest National Theater ("Two Scratchcards", "Furtuna", "Hotel Europa", "Eden", "Medeea my mother", "No Man's Land”), Sică Alexandrescu Theater in Brasov (“ Electronic City ”,“ Portugal ”,“ Sinucigașul ”),Stela Popescu Theater in Bucharest, Comic Opera for Children, and the Romanian Dramatists Theater. He also collaborated with Godot Café-Theater, Amphiteatrrom Cultural Association, LUNI Theater from GREEN HOURS, Toma Caragiu Theater from Ploiești. His film career started in 2004, with the short film "Chocolate" directed by Aneia Vlad, for which he received the public award at the "CinemaIubit" festival. Forthcoming for Mandin is a long series of productions: "One step ahead", "The police are coming", "Aniela", "2 + 2", "The Circus of Hunger", "Decebal's Treasure", Chororo "," Camera Café "," In pronunciation " and TV series: "Ours ",and “Shadows”.

O Mădălin Mandin inkerel maj but deșidujen berșendar sikavimata palal e improviziaqo teatro andar e manușa save kamen te aven andine and-o akanutno vaxt thaj te keren maj but andar so keren akana. Kamlias savaxt te sikliaren e ćhavorren te aven len jekh edukacia thaj te maren pen mamuj o șkolaqo mukhipen pașutnes e UNICEF thaj avere agentiendar bi guvernamentalutne. Andar lesqi buti, Mădălin agorisardias i Themutni Universitéta vaș e aktoriaqe arturia thaj ćinematografia and-o berș 2008. Ka-o teatro akana kolaboril  ka-o Themutno Teatro andar o Bukurești (”Duj thana”, ”I furtuna”, ”O Hotelo Europa”, ”Eden”, ”Medeea mi daj”, ”No Man’s Land”), O Teatro Stela Popescu andar o Bukurești, E Asaipnasqi Opera andar el ćhave, O Teatro e rumunikane dramaturenge. Maj kerdias buti ka-o Godot Café-Teatru, Kulturikani Asoćiatzia Amphitheatrrom, o Teatro LUNI katar GREEN HOURS, O Teatro Toma Caragiu ktar Ploiești. Lesqi kariera and-i ćinematografia cirdias andar o berș 2004, kana keldias and-o harnometraźo ”Ciokolata”, i regia katar o Aneia Vlad, kaj lias vi o manușenqo premio ka-o Festivalo ”Cinemaiubit”. Avutnes nakahs andar maj but produkcie kaj vov kerdias pes dikhlo „Jekh piresa angal”, „Avel i șerali”, „Aniela”, „2+2”, „E bokhatar kelipen”, „O barvalipen e Decebalosqe”, Chororo”, „I Camera Café”, „And-o phendipen” vaș e televiziaqe serialuria: „Amare”, „Umbre”.

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