What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actor? Unofficially we are the largest ethnic minority and yet Romania does not have a theater dedicated to Roma culture. For me, the theater of the future is based on horizontal structures - it's non-hierarchical, queer, feminist, intersectional, anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal. It will pay all its employees decently and equally, without ranking labour by categories of importance or visibility. It is engaged in the fight against gender, ethnic and class inequalities. It is an inclusive theater that makes marginalized and ignored stories heard. And it is a theater that not only addresses the privileged classes in the big cities, but is accessible, free and decentralized, such that every community will in the future have a theater in proximity.

Sar sikavelas o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar rom aktoro? Sar sikavela o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaxt andat tute sar rom aktóro? Bioficiálo, ame seam I so maj bari minoritéta thaj vi kadja and-I Rumunia na-I nijekh teatro vaș I rromani kultúra. Andar mande e avutnesqo teatro si thovdino p-el orizontalutne baranga-bi jekh jerarhia, si queer, giuvlikano, mașkarrigardo, mamujkapitalisto thak mamuj patriarhalutno. Pokinela pes savorre manușa șukar thaj egalo, bi jekh jerarhizaria e butáqi palal I importancia vaj o dikhipen. Vov si thovdino and-o maripen mamuj e genosqe inegaliteturia vi etnikane vaș socialutne klasuria. Si jekh inklusivo teatro savo kerel așundine e agorutne thaj bistarde historie. Thaj kadava teatro savo na si numaj andar e barikane klase andar e bare fururendar, avela akcesibilo bi lovenqo vi rigardo, kadja svaki komunitéta avela lan avutnes jekh teatro pașal late.

Andrei Șerban

Andrei Șerban is a director, actor, trainer and activist, who has been engaged for over 13 years in the fight for social justice, combating racism and discrimination. In 2007 he graduated from the Faculty of Theater with a degree in Acting from the National University of Theater Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest. He works as a trainer in both acting and civic activism in several high schools in order to combat hate-speech. In 2017 he directed the show "The Subjective Museum of Housing", and in 2018 he directed "Vi me som rom / And I am Roma", which was performed and will continue to be be performed in high schools in Bucharest and across the country and as part of Macaz Theater Cooperative's Political Theater series. In 2019 he began a residency within the project "Culese din Telciu - Residences of research and artistic creation", organized by the Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World, in which he documents the life of the Roma Gabori community and is writing a script entitled "The Story of the Gabori from Telciu.”

O Andrei Șerban si regízoro, aktóro sikliarno thaj aktivísto, kerel butí maj but deșutrine berșendar and-o maripen andar o sociálo ćaćipen, mamuj o rasísmo thaj i diskriminácia.

Agorisardias and-o berș 2007 e Teatrosqo Facultéta, e aktoriaqi sekcía andar i Themutni Universitéta vaș e teatroesqe arturia thaj cinematografía katar o Bukurești. Akarel butí sar aktoriaqo tahj civikano aktivísmo sikliarno and-e maj but licevuria andar o aćharipenasqo phendipen kaj inkiarel i holi mașkar e manușa. And-o berș 2017 regizisardias o sepktákolo ”O Subiektivo Muzeo e beșipnasqo”, and-o berș 2017 regizisardias o sepktákolo ”Vi me sem rom” kaj keldias pes thaj keles pes and-e but licevuria Bukureșteande thaj vi themeste, thaj vi and-o vaht e stagionaqi Politikanosqo Teatro katar o Mkaz Teatro Coop. And-o berș 2019 si rezidento and-o projekto ”Kidine Telciustar- Thana andar o rodimos vi artistikani kreácia”, kerdino e Centrostar vaș o Modernikano Sikliarimos thaj e Gnesqo Sundal, kaj rodel o givipen e gaborenqi komunitéta thaj hramosarel o teatrosqo scenário ”E gaborenqi paramici andar o Telviu”.

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