The Romanian Problem (e-book, Romanian)


Language: Romanian
Date of publication: 2019
Publishing House: Hecate
Format: Adobe PDF
No of pages: 153
ISBN: 9786069471241

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The Romanian Problem – An Analysis of Romanian Racism

Coordinated and edited by Oana Dorobanțu and Carmen Gheorghe, the volume “Romanian Problem: An Analysis of Romanian Racism” (Hecate Publishing House, 2019) brings together essays and research by Roma and non-Roma authors, with various professional trainings, proposing critical analysis perspectives of anti-Roma racism, with disciplinary genealogies in sociology, anthropology, activism, feminism, cultural studies, art history and lived experiences.

Together, these distinct approaches provide a resource for understanding an issue rarely explicitly and assumedly addressed in Romania: racism against its most discredited ethnic minority, the Roma.


Ioanida Costache
Oana Dorobanțu
Mihaela Drăgan
Furtuna Adrian
Carmen Gheorghe
Valentina Iancu
Adina Marincea
Georgiana Aldessa Lincan
Bogdan Popa
Eniko Vincze

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