What would a world without theater look like to you? Giuvlipen was born when Roma theater seemed impossible to achieve. Yet, after five years, it exists, is performed, is noted and awarded. It is true that we don’t yet have an institution called the Roma Theater in Romania, but I want to believe that it will exist in the near future, in order for our work—the work of all the Roma actors and actresses—to be supported. Until then, we exist through what we do, through the productions we release annually and, most importantly, we have succeeded despite the restrictive budgets. So, dear colleagues, thank you for your openness and for the fact that we all strongly believe in what this job often means. Happy Easter and let's see you again!

Sar sikavelas andar tute jekh sundal bi teatrosqe? Giuvlipen biandias pes kana o romano teatro falas vareso bikeripnasqe. Dikh, ke akana, pal pangi berșa, vov isi, kelel pes, si dikhlo thaj preiime. ćaćes ke na-i amen jekh institutzia kaj te aniavarel o Romano Teatro and-i Rumunia, tha kamav te pakiav ke avela and-o jekh pașutno avutnes, andar kodoja ke amari buti, e savore aktoruriengi thaj aktritzenqi buti te avel inkiardi ćaćes. Gi othar, ame seam mașkar kodoja kaj keras, mașkar e produktzie save inkalavas len svako breșeste thaj so si maj importanto, si ke ame kerdiam vi cira loventza. Kadja, kuć amale thaj amlnia, naisarav tumenqe andar tumari buti thaj andar sosqe savore paakias zorales andar so si kadaja msitia phares inkiardi butivar. Baxtali Patradi thaj te palem dikhas amen miștimosa!

Zita Moldovan

Zita Moldovan is an actress and presenter of the show "From the Life of Roma" which airs on National TV. As a graduate of the Faculty of Theater and Television in Cluj, in 2006 she collaborated with the Ion Dacian Opera House in Bucharest, in the show "Broadway Bucharest". In 2014 she co-founded the Giuvlipen Theater Company, in whose shows many of you have seen her perform. In 2018 she was part of the Romanian-French production "Uprooted" presented in Paris during the Romania-France season in 2019. The latest film in which she stars is "Two lei sixty" directed by Camelia Popa. In addition, during her 15-year career, she has been actively involved in the Roma feminist and antiracist movement, working as a theater trainer in Roma communities and in various campaigns for Roma rights.

Si aktritza thaj emisiaki vakiarni ”Andar e romenqo givipen” katar o Natzional TV. Agorisardias i Fakultéta vaș o teatri thaj televiziunea andar o Kluź, andar o berș 2006 lel de kerel buti e Operetako Teatro Ion Dacian andar o Bukurești, le spektakolosa ”Broadway and-o Bukurești”. Andar o berș 2014 biandilias vi voj i Komapania vaș o teatro Giuvlipen, ande laqe spektakoluria aștilen vi tumen de dikhen lan. And-o berș 2018 kerel rig andar i rumunikani-frantzizukani produktzia ”Dezrădăcine” kerdini ka-o Paris mașkar e sezonesqo Rumunia- Frantzia 2019. O so maj akanutno filmo kaj kelel si ”Duj love șovardeș” regizisardo katar i Kamelia Popa. Avrial kalendar, and-el mai mut 15 berșendae butiatar, kerdiat zorales buti and-o giuvlikano thaj mamuj o rasismo mișkipen, kerindoj buti sar teatrosqo sikliarno and-el romane komuniteturia thaj and-el ververutne kampanie vaș e ćaćimata e rromenqe. 

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