"Who killed Szomna Grancsa?" is based on the true story of a Roma girl who was found dead at her home, in a village in Romania, in 2007. Her death let us with a lot of question marks and premium material for the media of the time. The play is a challenge to the simple and sensationalist version of Szomna’s story, covered in the Romanian media, that said a young woman, from a traditional Roma community, died because her parents haven’t allowed her to continue her high school studies.

The theme of the play is more complex and the reasons behind her tragedy are more complicated than they appear. In the play nobody seems to understand what happened, but everyone has a point of view. As valid as they all appear – through characters voices – the opinions we hear about Szomna’s suicide act, can’t actually explain her last behavior. Everyone plays a plea of not guilty, but one can feel the transgressive side of their narrative. Something is missing and nobody can figure out what. Nevertheless, the play does not intend to give answers. Yet it deepens the mystery and leaves the spectators with further questions to deal with, as it explores more invisible and undiscussed aspects of Szomna’s short life: anti-Roma racism in Romanian educational system, women’s oppression in Romanian society at large and also in traditional Roma communities, poverty or suicide and depression in teenagers.


With: Liana Ceterchi, Mihaela Drăgan, Zita Moldovan
Live music: Elena Albu
Scenography: Elena Dobîndă
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