Sexodrom deconstructs classic theater patterns and through a performative discrouse it questions
how social and political structures influence our private life. When the world is a stage where
the rhetoric of uncertainity and fear models our outlook on life more and more, we come
with a counter-offer: that of celebrating our sensuality and place in the queer community
and Roma minority.

Consider Sexodrom a sedition.
Of bringing personal stories and intimate accounts into the public space. Of loudly telling your story when nobody wants to hear it.

Think of Sexodrom as a political declaration of love.
Of telling one another that our lives and our sexuality can be a pleasant journey, and especially a safe one, whoever we are, regardless of our age, gender, sexual orientation, whatever our social or professional environment.

Take Sexodrom as an invitation to a grand unmasking.
What are the Romanian #metoo stories that you never hear, that you never read about online?
It is high time they were told bravely and frankly.

SEXODROM is a group theatrical production made following the dramatic writing workshop “Politics in private”, which aims to explore together with young Roma artists still taboo subjects in the Romanian public space. The show "Sexodrom" also contributes, together with the other productions of the theater company Giuvlipen, to the development of a Roma Theater in Romania, by increasing the repertoire, increasing the visibility of theatrical productions by Roma actors and connecting Roma theater to the general public, by addressing relevant topics for the Roma community and Romanian society in general. The show "Sexodrom" premiered on May 7 and 8, 2019 at the National Dance Center of Bucharest.



Writing: Mihaela Drăgan, Antonella Lerca Duda, Nicoleta Ghiță, Zita Moldovan, Bety Pisică, Oana
Rusu, Raj Alexandru Udrea
Concept and directing: Bogdan Georgescu
Scenography: Irina Gâdiuţă
Music: Alex Bălă
Choreography: Paul Dunker

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