As part of the MNAC’s “Congregation of the Cast-offs”, from the Project Salon, we performed an incantation for Sara Kali, Patron Saint of the Romani people, in Bucharest.

Today, Roma women face discrimination on multiple fronts; racism and sexism both individual and systemic. Roma women living in traditional communities have to contend with patriarchal oppression whether it’s in the form of early marriage or the denial of education as girls.

Our performance confronts this ‘double discrimination’ as it appears in hate speech, propaganda and prejudice toward Roma via the invocation of legend. Specifically, Sara Kali, an Icon worshiped by Roma women over the centuries for strength and compassion.

As part of the ritual, Sara Kali will appear in front of the audience to protect and bless the Roma people who are facing everyday racism and discrimination (“the roaring lion that wishes to devour me”).

“Our saint, Saint Sara Kali,
Mother of all Roma people
On Earth
And beyond the grave.
Mother of all Roma people
And nurturer of our soul
I pray to you, I summon your power,
Great Sara Kali, mellow our hearts,
Take away the burden and the worries
Help us, Saint Sara!”

Sara Kali is the Romani matriarch of performance art and benevolent mysticism. Join us as poetry, dance and music invoke the legacy of the great Dark Mother.



Mihaela Drăgan, Mihai Lukács, Paul Dunca

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