The ”Roma (S)heroes” workshops brought together young Roma and non-Roma aged between 16 and 30, interested in discovering new things and creatively exploring the figure of the heroine/ hero. Together with the Erasmus+ peer trainers: Bety Pisică, Georgiana Lincan, Nicoleta Ghiță and Raj-Alexandru Udrea, the participants started from texts of contemporary Roma dramaturgy (Mihaela Drăgan, Alexandru Aristide Fifea, Marton Illes) and made a foray into the world of story-telling. They discovered new games of knowledge and self-knowledge and improvisation of content starting from the chosen fragments.

The workshops took place in Mizil, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, and all participants received at the end of the workshop an Erasmus+ diploma, for participation in the project ”(Roma) Heroes in Theater Education and Everyday Life”.

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