What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actress? In a utopian future, Roma actors would have equal opportunities in theater, like everyone else, and the color of our skin would not automatically pigeon-hole us into stereotypical roles we are currently offered. If we had a theater of our own, our community would see themselves reflected in our stories and characters, unlike with the caricatures on TV which have nothing to do with the courage and resistance that Roma people have shown over time. If we had a Roma theater, I would perform everything from Shakespeare to my own story, of my mother who died or the aunt who raised me and I would have even more power to make myself heard.

Sar sikavela o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar romni aktrița? And-o jekh utopikano avutno, e roma aktoruria aștilas sar kadja sar averen kolaver te intrin and-o teatro, thaj I rang amari morkiako na thovela amen and-e stereotipikane roluria save del amen akana. Te avela amen jekh teatro amaro, amari komuniteta arakhelas pes and-el amare paramića thaj peronajuria, na and-el nasule personajuria kaj dikhas len k-o televizori save na-I len nijekh phanglipen e amari zoriasa thaj amaro butiasa savo e roma sikavdias les and-el vahta. Te avelas amen jekh romano teatro, kelavas katar o Shakespeare gi ki mirri paramići, gi ki I paramići me dajaqe kaj muli, gi ki paramići mi bibiaqe kaj barariarias man thaj avelas man maj but zor te kerav man așundi.

Nicoleta Ghiță

Nicoleta Ghiță is an actress, she is young and very talented. She transmits messages through music and theater and tries to motivate those who believe that "life has offered them little.” Since 2015 she has been part of the group Playhood, a group of young artists from the Ferentari neighborhood of Bucharest who combine education with performing arts. They’ve had performances in numerous cultural spaces, from the National Theater of Bucharest, the National Theater of Craiova or Arcub, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Godot Cafe or Green Hours. From 2018 to present she has participated in several Erasmus+ affiliated programs and is a peer-trainer in the project "(Roma) heroes in Theater Education and Everyday Life".

I Nikoleta Ghiță si aktrița, si terni thaj talentime. Vakiarel mașkar I muzika thaj mașkar o teatro thaj zumavel te vazdel len kodolen kaj pakian ke I givipipen numaj kadiki dineas len. Andar o berș 2015 kerel rig andar I trupa Play hood, jekh grupo e terne artisturența kaj hanuven I educația e teatrosqe arterurența. Sas len spektakoluria and-e bute kulturikane thana, katar o Themutno Teatro Bukurești, o Themutno Teatro Kraiova vaș Artcuk, gi k-o Themutno Muzeo vaș I akanutni arta Godot Café vaj Green Hours. Andar o berș 2008 gi akana gelias ande bute programuria, Erasmus+ thaj peer-trainer and-o projekto ”(Roma) heroes in Theater Education and Everyday Life”.

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