The stories of four Roma women combine with traditional Romani music in a documentary theater performance.

The four women say out loud: ”Del Duma ( Tell Them About Me!)” About the truth of teenage marriage, about what it means to belong to a traditional community and about what happens when you no longer feel you belong there.

About the so-called "exoticism"of the Roma women,about stereotypes which remind us that acceptance and diversity are a still a long way from becoming reality.

In  Del Duma  we talked about untimely marriage, this show was meant as a documentary with the stories of girls/women from traditional Roma communities who were trying to find an alternative for this social pressure that still exists in many Roma families.

The show starts off with my story because I felt it was not right to let the other women expose their stories without putting myself in a vulnerable position first, without letting my personal story be publicly judged alongside the others.

I became close to them by admitting my vulnerability, fully aware of the fragility of the area I was heading in. Of course, there was a lot of self-irony, an approach I often chose. (Mihaela Drăgan)



With / Written by : Mihaela Drăgan
Live music: Radu Captari
Directed by: Liana Ceterchi

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