The Cult of Personality is a dark comedy theatre show about the history of the Romanian Communist Party during the 1950s. Set in a modern political- tabloid TV show, our fateful trio (Nicolae Ceaușescu, Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej and Ana Pauker) bicker and belittle each other, reminisce on the ‘good old days’ and revel in their nostalgia. The show premiered in September 2018 in Bucharest at Macaz Theater Co-op.

In pursuit of a historical period lacking accurate documentation, both in national media and curriculum. More emotional speculation than an objective truth, the show wants to generate a larger conversation about power relations, the cult of personality, gender relations within party structures, anti-semitism and cosmopolitism.

“Recent history has always been a hard topic: can we have a less passionate view on the historical times that we already think we know? When history is officially made by the masses, how can the famous personalities of the time effect the course of historical process?” (Mihai Lukács)



With: Oana Rusu, Andrei Șerban, Raj Alexandru Udrea
Directed by: Mihai Lukács
Scenography: Iulia Toma
Sound design: Rek Abu
Video art: Claudiu Cobilanschi
Music composer: Nicky Stevens

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