What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actor? I welcome and support the idea of a Roma State Theater. More than that, in my opinion it is a necessity - we are talking, after all, about the largest ethnic community in Romania! I am optimistic in nature, I believe that in every negative situation exists something good as well, so I invite you to take advantage of the terrible situation we find ourselves in on a global level, to breathe deeply and slowly, and to hope that decisions are being made with regard to, in the first place, justice and the common good. Only in this way can we reach a higher level of consciousness than that of the present. Let’s make it through this period with care and be happy!

Sar sikavelas o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar rom aktoro? Si laćhi kadaja godí thaj vazdav I godi jekhes themutnes romano teatro. Maj but sar kadiki, fal man jekh trebajpen- ćaćes, das duma andar I so maj bari etnikani komuniteta andar I Rumunia! Pakivalo sar sem, pakiav ke and-I orso bilaćhi situácia si vi jekh miștimos, kadja ke akharav tumen te cirdas mișto andar kadaja but nasul situacia kaj si and-o sundal/ lumja, te cirdas mișto thaj pakivalo thaj te pakias ke lela pen e kodola decizie kaj dikhen maj but and-o ćaćipen thaj andar o khetanutnes miștimos. Numaj kadja aștis te das amen godi maj but sar akana. Haj te nakhas griźasa pal kadava vaht thaj te dikhasa amen loșale.

Claudiu Dumitru

Claudiu Dumitru is an actor. After working for some time as a director of casting and in production management, he began acting. He is strongly attracted to film, but, of course, likes theater as well. He has acted in many films well-regarded in Romanian cinema, including: "Baccalaureate", "Two Scratchcards", "Aferim!", "When Evening Settles Over Bucharest or Metabolism" or "The Paper Will Be Blue". His last feature, "Urma" was directed by Doru Boguta. Aside from acting, he is passionate about photography, music, cycling, travel and any activity that keeps him moving.

O Klaudiu Dumitru si aktóro. Palal so kerdias butí sar kastingosqo direktoro thaj and-o produkțiaki butí, irisardias pes ki aktoria, o jekhto lesqo kamipen.

Si zorales cîrdino andar o filmo, tha ćaćes, lesqe cajliol lesqe vi o teatro.

Keldias and-e but pringearde filmuria e rumunikane cinematografiaqi, mașkar lende: ”Bakaluareat”, ”Duj lozuria”, ” Aferim!”, ” Kana mekel pes I riat pal o Bukureștio vaj metabolismo” vaj ”I patrin avela mavis”. I palutni premierea – ”Urma” regisisardo katar o Doru Boguta. Avrial e aktoriatar lesqe cajliol lesqe I fotografia, I muzika, I bićikleta, e droma thaj orso buti kaj inkiarel les and-el pirende.

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