Resistance is a girl changing the world

part of the international project Stories of Girls' Resistance

Although the struggles of girls are almost systematically - and often intentionally - overshadowed and hidden from sight, history will never be able to erase their voices.

On the 8th of March the independent Roma feminist theatre company Giuvlipen is launching the first episode of a series of video monologues Resistance is a girl changing the world. A part of the international cultural project Stories of Girls' Resistance, the series showcases the inspirational, complex and unfiltered stories of the girls that fight back and imagine better worlds for them and the societies in which they live. The global project debuted in November 2020 and will encompass a total of 120 stories told in five different languages about girls from 65 countries who are changing the world. The stories will be brought to life through video art, music, theatre, poetry and other forms of creative documentation.

12 of these stories are produced by the Giuvlipen theatre and will be realized as video monologues performed by Roma artists. They show the world the personal histories of several girls and young women from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, girls who are leaders, shapers of progressive cultures and narratives in the countries in which they live. The girls are models of political and personal resistance, they fight against early marriage and against violence, they advocate for the education of girls and for the rights of the women in their communities. Our heroines are creators of socio-cultural and civic movements, they innovate, they change hearts, minds and behaviors, thus contributing to a world in which every person, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, enjoys equal rights.

Among these 12 stories we also find four belonging to Roma activists and artists that live in Romania. Bianca Varga, Nicoleta Ghiță, Georgiana Aldessa Lincan and Bety Pisică have shared their artistic and feminist resistance experiences. Each of these video monologues is an opportunity to see through their eyes: what does it mean, for instance, to create your own show for the LGBTQAI+ community when there is no mass-media representation? How does it feel when you create highly succesful trap music on Tik-Tok, but there are still many people who "send you to the kitchen" just because you're a Roma woman in this musical genre? What is it like to fight for girls' access to education or how does a bullying incident from school makes you realise that you want to become an actress and write therapeutical poetry? We invite you to let yourselves inspired by these models of resistance.

The video monologues written and coordonated by the artist Mihaela Drăgan will be published, beginning with the 8th of March on the social media channels of the Giuvlipen theatre company (on the Facebook page and the YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram accounts).

*The Romanian text uses a neutral pronoun form to support the fact that some of the persons mentioned identify themselves outside the gender binary.
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