Special British Council Romania Award

at UNITER Awards Gala

In 2020 Giuvlipen won the Special British Council Romania award for our work in promoting and supporting social inclusion and encouraging civic engagement.
We are proud that we have created a progressive theater company and that our shows promote the voices of Roma actresses and Roma actors, who often do not have a place in the world of Romanian theater due to stereotyping and racism.
We thank the British Council Romania, this is not the first time they have supported us. This gesture demonstrates a true commitment to our Roma feminist theater.
A few hundred years after Romani cultural slaves laid the foundations of premodern theater in the Romanian Principalities, a Roma theater and Roma actresses have been recognized, for the first time in history, at the UNITER Awards Gala.
Now, 5 years after the founding of Giuvlipen, we demand the right to have a state Roma theater institution to represent us—a right all other national minorities of Romania already enjoy.
We celebrate this moment and we want to thank the Roma community for being a continuous inspiration for our artistic work.
Ame sam anglipen, ame sam Roma. Opre Roma!
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