What would a world without theater look like to you? A world without a theater... would not be a free world. It would be insipid and much more chaotic. It would be devoid of love and life would no longer be life, because I believe in the vital force that is born on the stage! In that playful space you no longer have barriers, you can no longer hide, you simply have to be! In everyday life it is increasingly difficult for us to be ourselves because of the prejudices imposed by society, but the theater holds a transformative power, it is the space where we can reflect on the world we live in and make it change.

Sar sikavelas andar tute jekh sundal bi teatrosqe? Jekh sundal bi teatrosqe…na avelas jekh vesti sunadl. Avelas jekh birangiardo sundal thaj but maj denilo. Avelas bi kamipnasqe thaj bi givipnasqe, na maj avelas givipen, andar sosqe me pakiav and-o givipnasqo zor kaj bianel pes p-I sćena! And- kodova ludikano than ma na-I tut aćhajmata, na maj aștis te garaves tut, tha si te vaes ćaćes tu! And-o divesutno givipen si amenqe but maj phares te avas ame andar sosqe o anglal pringearipen e societatar, tha o teatro si les o pharuvipnasqo zor, si o than kaj aștis te dikhas opral o sundal kaj givas thaj aștis te keras lan te paruvel pes.

Ninel Petrache-Nini

 He has been an actor for more than ten years. He enjoys acting because it offers the opportunity to explore the various lives, situations and characters within each of us. It is an extraordinary mode of acquiring self-knowledge and of getting close to people. Although he holds a master's degree in Acting, he thinks that in order to be a good actor, you do not necessarily need schools, but rather, sincerity and the pleasure of playing and attention. He has taught acting, diction, stage movement and improvisation since 2005. For the last three years, he has held free acting classes for Roma children. In the film "Aferim!" he was the coordinator and mediator between Romanians and Roma. He is the initiator of the RomActor school of theater, as well as the Active Watch press agency and monitor. 

Si aktoro maj but deșe berșendar. Kamel I kadaja mistia aktoruresqo andar sosqe del lesqe o aștipen te pringeanel maj but givimata, maj but situacie thaj peronźuria kaj si sarkonendar mașkar amende. Si jekh buti laćho misal te pringeanel pes korkoro thaj te pașol pes maj but e manușendar. Si les jekh mastéro and-el teatralutne arturia, thaj vov pakial ke kaș te aștis te vaes jekh laćho aktoro na-I nevoia numaj e șkolatar, maj mișto si te vaes pakivalo, te avel tut o kamipen te keles thak te avel tut but atencia. Inkerdias andar o berș 2005 aktoriaqe kursuria, vakiaripen, sćenaqo kelipen thaj improvizacia. Trin berșa vov inkerdias aktoriaqe kursuria bi lovenqo andar e ćhave. And-o filmo ”Aferim!” sas o koordonatoro thaj o mașkarutnori mașkar e gage thaj e rroma. Si o anglutnori e teatrosqi șkola Rom Actor, khetanes e Presaqi Agencia Active Watch.

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