What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actress? With the co-founding of Giuvlipen, I sought to create a platform for Roma actresses and actors in Romania. Over the past five years we have joined forces and created eight shows within our theater company. I hope that in the future our work will be rewarded with a physical theater space and that we will move from the independent to the institutional level, with the condition that our artistic practice, which is rooted in feminist, queer and anti-racist principles, is not annihilated—more than that, that it become a model for other theater institutions. 

Sar sikavela o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar romni aktrița? De kana vi me kerdem o Giuvlipen kamlem te kerav jekh than andar e roma aktrițe thaj aktoruria andar I Rumunia. And-el palutne pangi berșa kerdiam buti khetanes thaj kerdiam ohto spektakoluria and-I amari teatrosqi kampania. And-o avutn kamav sar amari buti te avel vazdini and-o jekh than, O Teatro, thaj te nakhas katar o korkorutno teatrosqo rig ka-o kodova intititțialutno, e kondițiasa te avel les amari artistikani buti vazdini p-el giuvlikane godimata, queer thaj birasiste thaj te na avel thasavdi thaj te avel sar jekh misal andar aver teatruria.

Mihaela Drăgan

Mihaela Drăgan is an actress and playwright who lives in Bucharest and works in other several countries. Since 2014 she is the cofounder of the Roma feminist theater company Giuvlipen. She was one of the six finalists for The 2017 Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award from New York which acknowledges the exceptional work of 20 theatre women around the world. In 2018, she was a resident artist in Hong Kong at Para Site Contemporary Art Centre where she was developing Roma Futurism - that lies at the intersection of Roma culture with technology and witchcraft. In the same year is acknowledged by PEN World Voices International Play Festival 2018 in New York as one of the ten most respected dramatists of the world.

Si aktrița vi dramaturga thaj andar o berș 2014 kerdias vi voj e Teatrosqi Kampania vaș e romnianqo Giuvlipen. Beșel and-o Bukurești thaj kerel buti and-el aver thema. Sasas jekh andar kodola șov finalisturia andar o mașkarthemutno premio Theatre Gilder/ Coigney 2017 anadr o New York, savo pringeanel I bari buti e bișenqe giuvlia andar o teatro andar o sasto sundal. Ando berș 2018 beșindoj and-o ParaSte Hong Kong, thol te vazdel jekh nevi artistikano mișkimos- Roma Futurism, kaj rodel SF elementuria and-I romani kultura thaj hunavel I romani kultura thaj I historia e drabaripnasa thaj e avutnesqi tehnologiasa. And-o sa kadava berș si pringeardi katar o PEN World Voices International Play Festival 2018 katar o New York sar jekh andar e so maj pakivale dramaturgani andar o sasto sundal.

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