For some, ”body” equals ”identity”, and for others the body is a vehicle. For some, the body is what makes us the same, for others it is precisely what makes us different. The relation between a woman and her body is still rarely discussed, yet, female body representations are everywhere around us. The subject gets more and more taboo as we travel lower down the female anatomical body, where centuries of practice of silence have transformed it into a cultural minefield.

Urban Body fictionalizes the stories of four Roma women and investigates the connection between them and their own bodies, through a personal lens and in a social context: the body as an instrument of production, the body as property, the body as a cradle of maternity; the healthy body, the sick body, the shameful body, the physical body as the mirror of one’s social life and as the only personal possession. We venture into the fringes of society, exploring the gray areas of societal morality, and we open for debate the controversial subject of sexual and reproductive rights, in a musical, courageous, provocative show about sex, survival and identity in 21st century Romania.



With: Mihaela Drăgan, Zita Moldovan
Music: Ardeja Fraga
Written and directeb by: Catinca Drăgănescu
Choreography: Paula Dunker



Dilema Veche – Corpuri care nu
Observator Cultural – Negreșitul corp urban al femeilor

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