What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actor? In an exercise of imagination not only of the future, but also of solid construction, I dream of a theater of Roma solidarity and Roma self-representation, a "magnifying mirror" theater, in which cultural differences produce value, language is not a barrier, and social injustice is non-existent. An theater of education for solidarity and civic awareness, a militant and socially engaged theater, in which tradition and openness towards the new coexist and give confidence in the strength of this ethnicity, long patient and subjected to hardship. Until the beauty of the utopia, however, we have to answer the real challenges of today and we require more than ever the unity, coherence of anti-racist discourse and the power of personal and group example from artists to the general public. Opre Roma!

Sar sikavelas o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar rom aktoro? Kana godisarav nu nunaj ka-o avutno vaxt thaj vi ka-o jekh zoralo vazdipen, godisarav ka-o jekh teatro vaș o romano laćhiepn thaj korkorodikhlipen, jekh teatro sar jekh ”bariaripnasqi glinda” kaj e kulturikane ververimata anen o barvalipen, i ćhib na-i jekh pharipen, thaj o socialutno cićaćiepen na isi. Jekh sikliaripnasqo teatro vaș i laćhipen thaj civikano godisaripen, jekh militaneo teatro thaj socialutno, kaj i tradicia thaj o putaripen ka-o nevipen given khetanes thaj den pakiv and-i zor kadalaqi etniaqi, but dukhavdi thaj but zumavdini. Gi ka-o utopikani șukaripen si amen jekh amboldipen e ćaćutne pharipamatendar svaqo divestetar thaj si amen nevoja maj but sar orikana te avas khetanes, te das das duma andar o rasismo bi trașaindoj thaj e misalesqi zor vaș tute thaj vaș kolaveredar katar e artisturia gi ka-e savore manușa. Opre Roma!    

Alexandru Fifea

Alexandru-Aristide Fifea is an actor. Since 2005 he developed and participated in social and political documentary theater projects. All his projects have a strong militant-antiracist component. He believes in a theater of the present, written and performed by living people that has a civic, social and political consciousness. He advocates for the necessity of a theater of the Roma ethnic group as a gesture of obligatory recognition from the Romanian state.

O Aleksandru- Aristide Fifea si aktoro thaj andar o berș 2005 bariarel thaj kerel buti and-el teatrosqe projekturia vaș i socialutno thaj politikano rodipen. Savore lesqe projekturia si eln zorali mititikani rig mamuj o rasismo. Pakial ke and-o jekh akatutnesqo teatro, hramosrado thaj keldo e givde manușendar e ćivikano, socialutno thaj politikano godisarpnasa. Marel pes andar o isipen jekhes romano teatrosqo sar jekh misal andar o naisaripen katar o rumunikano stato.

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