blue / orange

For Gilda oranges are blue. She was in a psychiatric ward for a month, but now she wants to leave. A young doctor, convinced that she requires further medical care, is keeping her in the hospital against her will. The head of the psychiatric ward, on the other hand, believes that people like Gilda can't be helped and that the taxpayer's money is being wasted by treating people like her.

In this clash of etnicity, mental health and medical ethics, Gilda is cought in the middle.

The performance’s scenario stepped us into a difficult world of the double experience of a young Roma woman, as a patient of the psychiatric ward but we also find out about the isolation that she feels outside the hospital's institutionalized framework. The fragile balance of her mental health, the transformation into an object of the dispute between the two doctors, the turbulence created by the self-pride of the two, the standard methodology applied for discharge and complaints or the immutable hierarchy in the Romanian medical system make the "blue/orange" performance an important voice of visibility through artistic means of the hidden or discriminatory or taboo experiences.

“It is a mirror show. We have the feeling that we are whole only when we see the reflection in the others. I’m Romanian because I know that I’m not roma, I’m heterosexual because I know that I’m not gay, I’m orthodox because I know that I’m not muslim, I’m rich because I’m not poor but in this look at the other there is much desire and a surplus of real, a hole made even in the center of our symbolic system.” (Mihai Lukács)



With: Zita Moldovan, Claudiu Dumitru și Andrei Șerban/ Iulian Gliță.
Live music: Poetrip
Scenography: Laurențiu Ridichie
Directed by: Mihai Lukács



Dilema Veche – Gilda
Scena 9 – Pământul e albastru ca o portocală

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