What would a utopian theater of the future look like for you as a Roma actress? I dream of having our own theater: full of our unspoken stories, because we have many and only we know how to say them most beautifulyl, not the non-Roma in our name. For once, we would no longer need to prove that we are good and we would not have to work twice as hard to be seen. Only then could we be ourselves and enjoy who we are — in a way we are not yet allowed. One day, we will receive the appreciation we deserve, I am sure!

Sar sikavela o utopikano teatro e avutnesqo vaht andar tute sar romni aktrița? Dikhav suno te avela amen amaro teatro: pherdo paramićendar biphende gi akana, sostar si amen but thaj paramića thaj numaj ame geanas te mothovas len so maj șukar, na el gadje and-o amaro anav. Măkar jekh var, na maj avela te keras amen dikhle ke seam laćhe thaj na maj avela te keras buti duj var maj but kaș te avas dikhle. Atunćeara aștisa te avas ame thaj te loșaras amen amendar kadja sar na seam mukhle te keras akana. And-o jekh dives liasa amaro miștimos, kadaja geanav la me!

Raisa Mihai

Raisa Mihai made her film debut at the age of nine: she starred in the movie "HO HO HO" and went on to star in the German production "Nelly's adventures" and "À Bras Ouverts", a French production. She also acted alongside her father in the short film "Written / Un-Written". Her theater debut came a little later, in the theater company Giuvlipen, where she played the role of Sidonia in Gadjo Dildo. In 2019 she worked on the show "American Gypsy" directed by Mihai Lukacs and inspired by the autobiographical novel of the same name by the Roma writer Oksana Marafioti. She is a student of the National University of Music in Bucharest.

I raisa Mihai intrisardias and-I ćinematografia k-e enia berșende, keldias o jekhto var and-o filmo ”HO HO HO” thaj palal keldias andi germanikani produkția ” Nelly’s adventures” thaj „À Bras Ouverts”, jekh franțizukani produkția. Voj maj keldias vi khetanes pesqe dadesa and-o harnometrajo ”Hramosardo/ Bihramosardo”. Intrisardias and-o teatro maj palal, and-I Teatrosqi Kampania Giuvlipen, kaj keldias o rolo e Sidoniaqo and-o Gadjo Dildo. And-o berș 2019 kerdias buti k-o spektakolo ”American Gypsy” and-I regia vaș o Mihai Lukaks, kaj sasas kerdo palal o autobiografikano romano savo sas les o sa la fel anav., hramosardo vaș e romniatar Oksana Marafioti. Si studenta ka-I Themtni Universitéta vaș I Muzika Bukureșteandar.

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